What is Milké Express?
We are a beverage solutions provider. No matter where you work or travel we have a beverage solution for you. Our solutions include equipment, accessories and consumables-everything you will need to make the highest quality beverages. We offer the finest selection of tea and coffee and our beverages use real milk, not milk powder.
Is there a minimum order size?
Yes, all orders should be at least Rs.200 in value.
What happens if a product is unavailable?
All products which are out-of-stock will be listed as such on the website. If you still decide to order this product, regardless of out-of-stock notification, the product will be delivered as soon as fresh stock is available.
What are the freight charges and how long does it take?
All products ordered on the website will generally be shipped within 2 days of placement of order. We expect to deliver goods to you within five to ten days of placement of order. Freight charges include the cost of packaging, forwarding and courier. Freight charges are calculated online at the time of placement of order. Delivery time is subject to product availability (refer to question 3).
How do I track my order?
Milke.in will inform you as soon as the order is shipped and provide you a tracking number by which you can track your orders’ delivery status. For any queries about your order delivery please contact us at consumercare@dfpl.co.in.
How do I order and pay for goods?
You can place an order on this website. Our institutional customers can contact us over email and we can also arrange for regular deliveries through our institutional channel partners. Milké products are also available in retail in select cities. For any queries in this regard please contact consumercare@dfpl.co.in.
What if I receive the wrong product/ product in bad condition?
If you have any complaints with regard to the product please contact us at consumercare@dfpl.co.in. We guarantee quick redressal.
What is included in the price?
All prices listed are MRPs (Maximum Retail Prices) and include the price, taxes, and duties applicable on the product. Local levies, if any, at the place of delivery are not included in the price.
What is Milké.in’s privacy policy?
We will endeavour to ensure that the personal information you submit to us is kept private and secure. We will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose the personal information you provide to us through this website to third parties unless we are required to do so by the law. If you wish us to remove your personal details from our database at any time, please contact us on consumercare@dfpl.co.in. Some information pertaining to online purchases may remain in our offline databases as a record of transaction.
What should I do if I can’t get the answer to my question on this page?
Please send us your query at consumercare@dfpl.co.in or post an enquiry on this website.